Here you can find links to helpful documents that relate to pack operations.

Camping Checklist

Wondering what you need to camp with us?  Here's a list that has everything you need and more, and is a good place to start the planning process.  Please ask if you have questions!  There are experienced campers among us who are happy to share what we've learned the hard way.  Pro tip:  Pack a can opener, spices, and paper towels. 

New Family Checklist - Fall 2014 Edition

If you've joined us in Fall of 2014 this checklist will get you quickly oriented to what you need to be doing to on-board yourself with getting yourself trained, get signed up for upcoming outings and events, as well as key dates for near term opportunities.  Check it out!

2014 Summertime Activities

Check out all the fun stuff we did last summer!  This document gives you a rundown of each one.

Pack 828 Parent Handbook

Parents, please take a few minutes to review this brief eight page document that tells you about our pack history, structure, Cub Scout ranks and awards, registrations, uniforming, pack activities, leadership structure, training, communication methods, and our emergency policies.

Remind Text Service Instructions 

We use the Remind opt-in text messaging service to keep our pack families up to date on events with reminders and last minute program detail changes.  Sign up today, it is no cost to you.

Health and Medical History Form

Having current medical forms on all our members that attend outings (like camping) is a requirement of the Boy Scouts of America.  A completed form is good for 12 months from the date you submit it.  One form per family member is required.

Activity Permission Form

Everyone under 18 who camps with us is required to have a permission slip for the event.  These are good per event only and do not provide coverage for more than the event and dates stated on the form.

 Pack 828 By-Laws

Every Pack needs to have a set of rules that statements that say who they are and how they operate themselves.  Pack 828 has adopted the linked by-laws.  We encourage all families to read them over and be familiar with them.

Scout Family Contact Information Form

A quick form that we often have members fill out at a membership rally that gives us your contact information and your preferred communication methods.

Family Talent Survey

Our Scout families are a talented bunch.  Your current and past professions, hobbies, and interests are a valuable resource (and if you have a big truck that comes in handy too)!  The Cub Scouting program covers a wide array of skills and disciplines to create well-rounded youth.   Let us know what abilities you have that you are willing to contribute to the program and we'll put you to good use.

BSA Cub Scout Leader Book

This is an official publication of the BSA in PDF format.  A great resource for Cub Scout Leaders.  2010 Edition.

Den Meeting Resource Guide

The Den Meeting Resource Guide is an official BSA publication that offers prepared meeting plans for all levels.  Individual Den Meeting plans from this guide can be found on the main BSA site, organized by rank.

Pack 828 Den Leader Resource

This living document is for the den leaders of Pack 828 to help them plan, prepare, and execute effective and engaging den meetings as well as manage a den effectively.  The guide covers places nearby our area that are popular destinations for meetings and outings.  Den leaders are encourages to provide feedback to pack leadership on content that can be added or updated.